20-something crisis

I must clarify that I am not a psychologist, my profession has no relationship with any branch that deals with the behavior of the human being, on the contrary, I work with machines, (maybe they are easier, it’s a joke).

Quarter of life crisis

I decided to write about this topic, because I am a girl with 20 something that at some point in her life, she has felt and will feel … the so-called existential crisis, but on second thought, that was not what motivated me to write about this topic, rather it was the talks I had with my friends, who are going through that too.

In the last 3 months, it has been increasingly common, to meet friends, a little sad, disoriented, without encouragement and with a list of questions, which I understand perfectly because I have questioned them:

  • What have I done in my Life?
  • Am I doing what I like?
  • What do I really want?

And some other questions; I repeat, I am not a psychologist but it is easy to realize that most of the people who have told me their situation (which I thank for the trust) are people of my same age, we are from the same generation: Millenial and right now we got the call crisis of 20 and so much, or crisis of 20 and 30 .

Wat is an existential crisis ?

But what is an existential crisis ?, well in our case it is also known as crisis of the quarter of life , and usually occurs between 20 and 30 years, a stage that has lately It has been very common, where multiple doubts appear about different aspects of adult life, work, relationships, profession, goals, etc.

Symptoms of midlife crisis

After the stage of adolescence and university is over, it is when we enter the “real world”, where we realize that nothing is easy, enterthe working world and deal with adult problems, we know the True stress and we are likely to be disappointed, from work, from people and even from ourselves, is this mine? Will I be good enough for this? The stage is hard because the doubts are present, in addition to the mind is “canija” and may be, or not in our favor, if we do not know how to control, we become our own enemy.

Isolating, it seems a good idea, social circles also decrease or rather, one becomes more selective, insecurity about the future overwhelms the mind, and could even be the call for anxiety, – What? Is not enough ? – think, continuing … sentimental relationships become a bit difficult, between wanting a stable partner, but not wanting to risk, bad experiences, disappointments, or just lazy to meet new people; in childhood or adolescence one proposes his goals, sometimes unintentionally: “when I am 25 I will be a successful professional, I will create my company, I can buy a new car, and I will be traveling everywhere, I will travel with my girlfriend (or ) and I’ll have a house of my own. ” And to see that it is not being done, what it is supposed to do, is a blow that (1) lands us or (2) makes us stup*ds
everyone chooses, (sorry for the word) but it is true.

How to overcome existential crisis?

These are personal tips that could perhaps help overcome the crisis of the 20s:

  • Speak, if you feel bad, sad, you even want to cry, do it! tell him who you trust the most, that helps lighten the load a little.
  • Reflect that you like it and not the situation you are in, and what you can do to change it, take action!
  • Act, if you only complain about things, that’s no use; if you do not like something, change it! If your job does not fill you, look for another, if your career is not what you expected, study something else is never old to do what you want, look for your fullness.
  • Risks, most of the things that are not done, it is out of fear, and as time passes, what you did not do will become a pain: what I always wanted to do but did not do …
  • Ask for professional help, nobody of us is born with an instructive life, and it is worth asking for help, for that there are professionals who can help us.
  • Do not ponder on the situation, if you have a crisis, live it totally and you have it! Tell you that crisis ?, and take action to respond.
  • Everything will happen, remember.


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